Speaker Title date session
Steven Abel Seiberg duality versus hidden local symmetry May 29 11:30 Plenary
Lasma Alberte Massive Gravity on Curved Background May 29 18:10 Parallel
Kyle Allison Symmetries, the nuMSM and cosmology May 30 09:20 Parallel
Rodrigo Alonso The Potential of Lepton Flavour Violation in a Seesaw Model May 30 15:20 Parallel
Guido Altarelli Particle physics after first LHC results Jun 1 16:30 Plenary
Ignatios Antoniadis Mass hierarchies in string theory and experimental predictions May 31 09:00 Plenary
Alexandre Arbey Interplay of dark matter searches and LHC data May 30 09:40 Parallel
Paul Archer Implications of a Bulk Higgs in Warped Extra Dimensions May 30 17:30 Parallel
Michal Artymowski Higgs inflation and Loop Quantum Cosmology May 29 17:10 Parallel
Aleksandr Azatov Probing Higgs at LHC May 30 14:20 Parallel
Marcin Badziak Split sfermions and the Higgs mass May 30 11:20 Parallel
Riccardo Barbieri New flavour phenomena and the Fermi scale May 28 09:00 Plenary
James Barnard Scattering composite objects in Seiberg duality May 29 17:50 Parallel
Diego Becciolini Interference effects and W' searches May 30 16:50 Parallel
Brando Bellazzini Composite Higgs Sketch May 30 14:00 Parallel
Steve Blanchet The impact of substructure in dark matter indirect detection May 30 14:40 Parallel
Gianluca Blankenburg Neutrino masses and LFV from U(3)5 to U(2)5 in supersymmetry May 30 14:20 Parallel
Sofiane Boucenna Light Dark Matter in the Lepton-Specific two-Higgs-doublet Model. May 30 15:20 Parallel
Matthew Brown Constraining Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions using the Higgs May 30 17:10 Parallel
Matthew Buican R-Symmetry and Emergent Symmetry May 28 11:30 Plenary
Andrzej Buras BSM Models Facing the New LHCb Data Jun 1 12:00 Plenary
Dario Buttazzo A U(2)3 flavour symmetry in composite Higgs models May 30 14:40 Parallel
Pritibhajan Byakti Magic Messengers in Gauge Mediation May 29 16:50 Parallel
Lorenzo Calibbi Phenomenology of the flavour messenger sector May 30 10:00 Parallel
Marcela Carena Higgs physics as an indirect BSM probe May 31 16:30 Plenary
Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis Twisted compactification of matrix models for superstrings May 29 17:10 Parallel
Kiwoon Choi Higgs phenomenology and dark matter in NMSSM with PQ symmetry May 28 18:00 Plenary
Roberto Contino Looking for the Higgs boson without prejudice May 31 11:00 Plenary
Nathaniel Craig Theories of Natural Supersymmetry May 29 15:30 Plenary
Stefano Di Chiara Precise Conformal Window and Realization of Miransky Scaling May 29 16:30 Parallel
Dennis D. Dietrich Footprints of strong electroweak breaking in the sky May 30 14:40 Parallel
Nguyen Dinh Dinh The muon-electron conversion on nuclei and TeV scale see-saw scenarios May 30 11:20 Parallel
Georgi Dvali UV-completion and black hole’s quantum portrait May 29 11:00 Plenary
Adam Falkowski Interpreting Higgs results May 28 15:00 Plenary
Ferruccio Feruglio Discrete flavour symmetries after RENO and DAYA BAY Jun 1 11:00 Plenary
Thomas Flacke Constraining universal extra dimensions with LHC and precision tests May 30 16:30 Parallel
Chee Sheng Fong The effective potential for spontaneous breaking of the flavour symmetry May 29 17:50 Parallel
Nicolao Fornengo Particles in the sky: new directions in the search for dark matter signals May 28 17:00 Plenary
Roberto Franceschini On the factorization of the scattering of W bosons May 29 16:50 Parallel
Ayres Freitas Model-indepdent new physics analyses at LHC May 30 17:30 Parallel
Gero Gersdorff New contributions to soft terms May 31 18:00 Plenary
Dumitru Ghilencea Fine tuning revisited: status & implications May 29 10:00 Plenary
Mikulas Gintner Top-BESS model and its phenomenology May 30 18:30 Parallel
Stefania Gori Higgs di-photon rate as an indirect probe of susy scalars May 30 09:00 Parallel
Michael Grefe Indirect searches for gravitino dark matter May 30 16:50 Parallel
Benjamin Grinstein Scale without Conformal Invariance in QFT May 29 14:00 Plenary
Christophe Grojean Fingerprinting Higgs suspects at the LHC May 31 11:30 Plenary
John Gunion Implications for BSM Higgs bosons of LHC Higgs hints Jun 1 09:00 Plenary
Ulrich Haisch On the Interplay Between Higgs & Flavor Physics Jun 1 14:30 Plenary
Martin Holthausen Vacuum Alignment from Group Theory May 29 17:30 Parallel
Andrzej Hryczuk Electroweak and Sommerfeld corrections to the Wino dark matter annihilation May 30 10:00 Parallel
Kohei Kamada Generalized Higgs Inflation Model May 30 09:00 Parallel
Jernej F. Kamenik Implications of Charming CP Violation for Flavor Models May 28 15:30 Plenary
Kristjan Kannike ZN symmetric scalar dark matter May 30 09:40 Parallel
Mindaugas Karciauskas The Parity Violating Primordial Curvature Perturbation May 29 16:50 Parallel
Shinta Kasuya Axino dark matter and baryon asymmetry from Q-ball decay in gauge mediation May 30 15:40 Parallel
Valentin V Khoze What do we expect from supersymmetry May 29 09:30 Plenary
Michael Kobel ATLAS May 28 09:30 Plenary
Zohar Komargodski Non-Perturbative Tools in Supersymmetric Theories May 29 14:30 Plenary
Dominika Konikowska Cosmology challenges brane scenarios in AdS5 May 29 18:30 Parallel
Chris Kouvaris The Dark side of the Stars May 30 17:30 Parallel
Dmytro Kovalskyi CMS May 28 10:00 Plenary
Jakub Kuczmarski Testing the mechanism of unitarization in WW scattering at the LHC May 30 16:30 Parallel
Bumseok Kyae Hidden Sector Assisted 125 GeV Higgs May 30 15:40 Parallel
Stéphane Lavignac Supersymmetry breaking through radiative corrections May 29 16:30 Parallel
C.S. Lim Flavor physics and anomalous interactions in Gauge-Higgs Unification May 30 12:20 Parallel
Paolo Lodone On the direct CP asymmetry in D decays and Partial Compositeness May 30 11:40 Parallel
Christoph Lüdeling Anomalies and Remnant Symmetries in Heterotic Constructions May 29 12:00 Plenary
Christoph Luhn Neutrino mass models and sizable θ13 May 30 12:00 Parallel
David Lyth The Inflating Curvaton May 29 16:30 Parallel
Pedro Machado Exploring neutrino signals in dark matter detectors May 30 14:20 Parallel
Rakhi Mahbubani LHC Constraints on non-degenerate squarks May 30 17:10 Parallel
Nazila Mahmoudi Implications of LHC Higgs and SUSY searches for MSSM May 28 14:00 Plenary
Umberto Marconi LHCb present results and plans Jun 1 11:30 Plenary
Oleksii Matsedonskyi Light Top Partners for a Light Composite Higgs May 30 18:10 Parallel
Tomohiro Matsuda Curvaton Unification May 29 17:50 Parallel
Vinzenz Maurer SUSY Naturalness and GUT Scale Yukawa Coupling Ratios May 30 12:20 Parallel
Janis McKenna Searches for new sources of CP violation at BABAR May 30 15:00 Parallel
Luca Merlo Discrete Flavour Groups, Neutrino Reactor Angle and LFV May 30 11:00 Parallel
Aurora Meroni Predictions for Neutrino Masses and ββ0ν-Decay in a SUSY SU(5) × T′ Unified Model of Flavour with large θ13 May 30 11:40 Parallel
Maurizio Monaco Tree Level Gauge Mediation Phenomenology in the LHC era May 29 18:30 Parallel
Jesus M Moreno Probing the Universal Extra Dimension at the LHC May 30 17:50 Parallel
Takeo Moroi Enhancement of the Higgs mass in SUSY model with extra matters May 28 14:30 Plenary
Miguel Nebot Gomez Standard Model extensions with vector-like quarks: status and prospects May 30 16:50 Parallel
Matthias Neubert Higgs physics in a warped extra dimension May 31 14:30 Plenary
Hans Peter Nilles Heterotic supersymmetry May 31 09:30 Plenary
Burt Ovrut Phenomenological Heterotic Theory: Standard Models, their Hidden Sector, The Renormalization Group and All That May 28 11:00 Plenary
Paweł Pachołek Embedding Z’ models in GUTs May 29 17:30 Parallel
Antonio Palazzo Testing sterile neutrinos at the solar sector May 30 14:00 Parallel
Michele Papucci Natural Supersymmetry and the LHC May 30 11:00 Parallel
Gilad Perez The up evolution, news from the frontier Jun 1 14:00 Plenary
Christoffer Petersson Non-standard Higgs decays and signatures at the LHC from low scale supersymmetry breaking May 30 10:00 Parallel
Stuart Raby Yukawa unification or MSSM at large tan beta May 31 12:00 Plenary
Antonio Racioppi Fermiophobic Higgs boson and supersymmetry May 30 09:20 Parallel
Jean Racker Leptogenesis with small violation of B-L May 30 10:20 Parallel
Riccardo Rattazzi The a-theorem and the asymptotics of 4D-QFT May 29 15:00 Plenary
Tirtha Sankar Ray The possibility of generating leading order gaugino masses in direct gauge mediation scenario May 29 18:10 Parallel
Margarida N. Rebelo Minimal Flavour Violation with Two Higgs Doublets May 30 11:00 Parallel
Mansoor Ur Rehman Higgs-Matter Tribid Inflation May 29 18:10 Parallel
Laslo Reichert Extended U(1)B-L× U(1)R group: Higgs and SUSY spectrum May 30 12:00 Parallel
Steven Robertson Search for New Physics with BABAR May 30 12:00 Parallel
Alberto Romagnoni Extra U(1) as a source of monochromatic lines from Galactic Center May 30 16:30 Parallel
Andrea Romanino Simple and direct dynamical supersymmetry breaking Jun 1 09:30 Plenary
Graham Ross Stitching the Yukawa quilt in the light of the measurement of θ13 May 29 09:00 Plenary
Arron Rumsey Thermal Inflation with an Inflaton Mass Coupled to a Light Auxiliary Scalar Field May 29 17:30 Parallel
Filippo Sala A U(2)3 flavour symmetry in Supersymmetry May 30 09:20 Parallel
Dorothea Samtleben The High Energy Neutrino Sky as seen by Antares May 30 15:40 Parallel
Veronica Sanz Searching for Stops May 31 17:00 Plenary
Subir Sarkar The integrated Sachs-Wolfe imprints of cosmic superstructures: a problem for ΛCDM May 28 16:30 Plenary
Michael Andreas Schmidt Implications of a SM like Higgs for a natural NMSSM with low cutoff May 30 11:40 Parallel
Pedro Schwaller The Dark Side of the Higgs Boson May 30 15:20 Parallel
Javi Serra Probing the SM with dijets at the LHC May 30 17:50 Parallel
Mikhail Shaposhnikov Higgs-Dilaton Cosmology: From the Early to the Late Universe May 31 14:00 Plenary
David Shih A Complete Model of Low-scale GMSB (with Higgs at 125 GeV) May 31 10:00 Plenary
Martin Spinrath Two Approaches for Flavour Models with Large θ13 May 30 11:20 Parallel
Emmanuel Stamou Gauged Flavour Symmetries and their Flavour Phenomenology May 30 09:00 Parallel
Paul Steinhardt Rethinking Cosmology Jun 1 15:30 Plenary
Alessandro Strumia The Higgs weighs 125 GeV – now what? May 31 15:00 Plenary
Patrik Svantesson Novel gluino cascade decays and distinguishing SUSY models May 29 17:10 Parallel
Ahmad Tarhini Scaling of the CKM matrix in 5D MSSM May 30 09:40 Parallel
Tomasz Taylor Scattering Amplitudes: from QCD to Strings May 31 15:30 Plenary
Andrea Thamm Strong Higgs Production at CLIC May 30 15:00 Parallel
Riccardo Torre Gamma + MET Higgs decay from low scale supersymmetry breaking May 30 10:20 Parallel
Laura van den Aarssen Thermal decoupling of Dark Matter and the smallest subhalo mass May 30 17:10 Parallel
Murli Manohar Verma Dark energy between LHC and electroweak scales May 30 14:00 Parallel
Tomer Volansky But What If It’s Not a WIMP? New Avenues for Direct Detection of Dark Matter May 28 17:30 Plenary
Carlos Wagner Implications of a Modified Width of the Higgs Decay into Diphotons May 31 17:30 Plenary
Susanne Westhoff Squeezed new physics in top-quark pair production May 30 18:10 Parallel
Martin Winkler Direct and Indirect Detection of Light WIMPs May 30 17:50 Parallel
Bryan Zaldivar-Montero Interplay between synchrotron and collider bounds on Dark Matter May 30 15:00 Parallel
Robert Ziegler Gauge mediation beyond MFV May 30 10:20 Parallel
Kathryn Zurek Forward-Backward Asymmetry: Status and Updates Jun 1 10:00 Plenary
Fabio Zwirner Quantum corrections to broken N = 8 supergravity May 28 12:00 Plenary

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